WoW Insider Round Table: Testing out the Proving Grounds

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The proof of the proving grounds is in the, um, proving? That poorly constructed phrase is what the WoW Insider Round table set out to explore this week, with Matt Low, Dawn Moore, Sarah Pine and Olivia Grace sitting down to discuss the new feature coming in patch 5.4 which just recently went live on the PTR.

Between the panel we'd tried out all the different roles within the Proving Grounds system, to varying degrees, and had quite some differing opinions on the ease and difficulty of the systems, as well as whether or not gear should be scaled, and how hard they should really be. We discuss the endless mode, the achievements that come from it, and class balance within the proving grounds system.

We also chat about the NPC artificial intelligence, and their rather patronising flavor text! We hope you enjoyed this Round Table, and if you have any suggestions for future discussions, do let us know!

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