Experiment 12 has 12 cooks in the kitchen

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Experiment 12 has 12 cooks in the kitchen
Experiment 12 is a weird new thing from Terry Cavanagh, Jasper Byrne and friends
Indie games are a common source of experimental ideas that are free to run in the unrestricted fields of self-publishing. Experiment 12 should be a mindmelt then, because it stands as a 12-chapter collaboration between 12 different indie developers. Chapters switch between genres and art styles, moving from retro, side-scrolling platformers to three-dimensional, first-person explorers.

Michael Brough, Jasper Byrne, Terry Cavanagh, Jake Clover, Alan Hazelden, Jack King-Spooner, Richard Perrin, Benn Powell, Ian Snyder, TheBlackMask, Robert Yang and Zaratustra all contributed to Experiment 12. The result is a cross-genre game that resonates the strength of each developer in their respective chapter. Players can immediately skip to their favorite developer's chapter at the cost of ruining the game's narrative for themselves.

Experiment 12 is available for Windows here, but Terry Cavanagh's website says a Mac version will be available "soonish." It's also free, so what excuse is there to pass it up?
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Experiment 12 has 12 cooks in the kitchen