Amazon promises 7,000 new jobs ahead of Obama visit

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Amazon to bump its US warehouse workforce by 25 percent

Amazon has just announced that it will add 5,000 jobs at 17 fulfillment centers across the US, along with 2,000 customer service positions. The news comes just ahead of a visit tomorrow by President Obama to the retail giant's Chattanooga, Tennessee fulfillment center, where he's set to outline new job-creation policies. Amazon says such jobs typically pay 30 percent more than in retail stores, and all are full-time and include retirement, health care and stock benefits. The company has tripled its workforce over the past three years, and currently employs over 20,000 employees in its US warehouses, and 97,000 worldwide -- neck and neck with Microsoft. Such expansion resulted in a small loss $7 million last quarter, despite growing sales, but Amazon evidently plans to carry on regardless.

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