Tokyoflash releases Kisai Neutron, makes Cylons proud (video)

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Myriam Joire
July 30th, 2013
Tokyoflash releases Kisai Neutron, makes Cylons proud (video)

Like most tech-savvy humans, we're big fans of Tokyoflash watches here at Engadget -- after all, what's not to like about eccentric design and blinkenlights? Now Cylons everywhere can proudly get in on the fun thanks to the company's latest timepiece, the Kisai Neutron. This futuristic-looking LED watch is available for $139 during the next 48 hours and features an integrated motion sensor. It can be set to display the time (or date) by pulsing in and out or waving up and down. The light show is activated by flicking your wrist or pressing a button -- there's even a bonus "always on" mode. Color options include black, gold and gunmetal for the stainless steel and plastic case, plus red, white and blue for the LEDs. A USB-rechargeable battery completes the package. Enjoy the gallery below, then hit the break for a video of the new timepiece in action. %Gallery-194949%

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