Tokyoflash Kisai Adjust watch tells time with triangles, trippy colors (video)

It almost goes without saying Tokyoflash watches aren't always very scrutable. The company's newly launched Kisai Adjust, however, is thankfully one of the more legible examples -- as the name suggests, it even goes out of its way to accommodate the wearer. The fan-designed timepiece uses LED-lit triangles to offer the time and date in any one of six colors, including a slightly mesmerizing "candy," with the option to display digits horizontally in those moments it's not on a wrist. It's USB-rechargeable, too, for those averse to wall outlets; expect about a month of dazzling (or confusing) friends between battery top-ups. Tokyoflash is selling the Kisai Adjust today, although you'll want to buy the watch within the first 48 hours to pay $149 instead of the regular $179. Head past the break for a video that helps explain the Adjust's changeable ways.