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PlayStation 4's game recording and streaming features not tied to PlayStation Plus

Sony's PlayStation 4 allows any owner to stream, record and share game footage with or without a subscription to Sony's PlayStation Plus service. That stands in stark contrast to Microsoft's admission yesterday that the aforementioned features (and some other functionality) won't work on its Xbox One without a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

SCE Worldwide Studios head and extremely active Twitter user Shuhei Yoshida answered as much when asked by fans directly if Sony's upcoming next-gen game console would require a PS Plus membership for recording and streaming gameplay, as well as watching streaming content (such as Hulu or Netflix). He flatly stated "no" when asked about the Plus requirement, and elaborated that all users will have that functionality. That's a reflection of the current state of PlayStation Plus on PS3 and PS Vita, neither of which require PS Plus membership for media streaming or online play. Most online multiplayer on PS4 will require a Plus membership, unlike the Vita and PS3. In any case, though Yoshida's answers are short, we appreciate the black and white messaging -- something Sony's rival could be doing a much better job of at the moment.