Namco Bandai opens Vancouver studio to craft social games

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Namco Bandai opens Vancouver studio to craft social games
A new Namco Bandai studio in Vancouver has opened its doors and will focus on development of social games for mobile and online.

The Vancouver office, which Namco chose to open over Montreal and Toronto due to its abundance of digital artists and engineers in the area, currently employs around 30 individuals, the Vancouver Sun reports. Namco Bandai announced intentions to open the new Canadian studio, along with a new SIngapore office, back in April.

The Vancouver gaming industry has taken its share of lumps over the last year or so. Ontario and Quebec continue to offer far greater tax breaks to video game companies, while layoffs at EA, Microsoft, Radical and more across 2012 didn't help matters. Still, Vancouver has a vibrant indie scene that continues to soldier on.
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