iDoorCam shows you who's at your door, helps you hide from unwanted visitors

DNP iDoorCam

If you've ever gone on a long vacation (or hidden from someone at least once in your life) there's a chance you'll find high-tech doorbells useful. A new device called iDoorCam, in particular, claims to be able to notify you via iPhone or iPad whenever there's someone at your door -- even if you're not at home. Sound familiar? That's because we've seen a similar technology called DoorBot in 2012. Like DoorBot, iDoorCam's camera-equipped device connects to your home internet through WiFi and attaches to your existing doorbell power wires. It beams a video of your visitors to all connected iOS gadgets, and you can even talk with them, assuming it's not a crazy ex or a pushy solicitor. iDoorCam's website has yet accept preorders for the $165 system, but those first in line could get their devices as soon as October.