Caption contest: Luigi puts the 'L' in Chicago's public transit system


Has Nintendo of America fallen on hard times? Why else would the company make one of its most beloved characters (or, at the very least, the brother of one of its most beloved characters) take Windy City public transit? Oh, that's right, the gaming giant has decked out the "L" train with ads for its new Super Luigi U title. The mustachioed plumber is riding the Brown Line in this Twitter shot, so be sure to be on the lookout for suspicious looking dinosaurs in the area (if you see something, say something). No word on whether he'll be making house calls today.

Brian: "I wish this was London, so I could take-a the tube."

Darren: "This seat to be reserved for the elderly? Hmm, I guess that's applicable now."

Billy: "What? My-a Kart is-a in the shop."

Terrence: Luigi was confident he was the most ridiculous looking thing on the train, until a grown man got on at Sedgwick wearing a pink polka dot back pack.

Michael: Luigi's clearly still a second class citizen in the Nintendoverse -- Mario gets around via private car.

Jon: Luigi is so green, he's using mass transit.

Zach Honig: "It was-a six months on the L or cat ears at E3. So here you will find me."

Sean Buckley: By the time Luigi realized that he'd taken the wrong approach to getting "back on track," it was far, far too late.

Jamie: Wii U sales begin to impact Luigi's T&E budget.

Steve: "What happened to Mario Bros U? Looks like Luigi tossed Mario under that bus."

Sharif: "If you own a Wii U, put-a your hand up!"

Nicole: "Can someone get started on that Hyperloop already?"

David: "Hey there, can I interest you in buying a Wii U? Please?"