Daily iPhone App: Timeless is a colorful, multiple stopwatch and timer app for iOS

Timeless (US$0.99) for iOS is a heavy-duty timer and stopwatch app with some interesting features and a colorful, clean design (taking some inspiration from the upcoming release of iOS 7). Offering up to 10 simultaneous countdown timers / stopwatches, you'll have no problem keeping track of multiple, timed items to the second with Timeless.

Timeless has a simple and stylish interface with a variety of colored themes that can be applied to each timer, so it's easy to keep track of and identify unique timers from a glance. Furthermore, with a double-tap, timers can be labelled as required, like "bread in oven" or "coffee break."

To add a new timer, simply swipe to the left. To apply one of those unique colors, swipe up to reveal the theme settings menu and sample the styles until you find one you like and select it. If you can't find a color theme you like, there are additional theme packs available via in-app purchase ($0.99 - $2.99), which you can try before buying. Once you've selected your theme, swipe to the right to navigate back through your other timers.


Alongside a unique color theme and label, each timer can be assigned a custom notification tone. There are plenty to choose from (8-bit, done, echo bell, attention, etc.), and like the color themes, additional notification tone packs can be sampled and selected via in-app purchase, including zen, summer and digital. Tones and sounds in Timeless are intuitive and fun, making it easy to engage with and navigate the app from an auditory perspective.

Timeless has a few additional and interesting features too. For instance, turn your iDevice clockwise to view all your timers in an easy-to-see list format. Tap and hold on a timer in the list to rearrange them in any order you see fit. Turn your iDevice counter-clockwise to get a large, clear view of a given timer. You can swipe through to other timers in this view, too. Start or stop a timer with a double-tap anywhere on the screen.

If you're the kind of person who uses the Pomodoro Technique, saves water by timing your showers or uses a timer when hard-boiling eggs, for example, then Timeless, combining great design and functionality in a utility app, is well worth checking out.

If you want to try Timeless before taking the $0.99 plunge, there's a free version of the app here, which has just two timers, color themes and notification tones. The free app can be upgraded to the paid app via in-app purchase at the same price.