Judge Koh denies Samsung a retrial following USPTO patent decisions (updated)

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After the USPTO decided to take a second look at a bunch of Apple's patents, including the pinch-to-zoom claims later invalidated by the USPTO, Samsung was understandably pressing for a retrial. However, since then the court has certified most of the other IP in question, including the famous claim 19 or "bounce-back" of patent 7,469,381, a lynchpin in the $1 billion judgement favoring Cupertino. As a result, judge Lucy Koh has decided to ignore the Korean company's pleas and press on with Apple vs. Samsung II, meaning that the trial scheduled for November 12th 2013 will proceed as planned. What does that mean for all of us? Yet more legal wrangling and a prolonging of Samsung's California nightmare.

Update: The article originally stated that the rubber-banding claim 21 in 7,469,381 was invalidated, but it was actually the pinch-to-zoom claim in patent 7,844,915. We apologize for any confusion that may have caused.

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