'Dragon Age Keep' sets up your story choices before Inquisition

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'Dragon Age Keep' sets up your story choices before Inquisition
BioWare announced Dragon Age Keep today, an online tool that enables players to experiment with story scenarios from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, setting up the ideal starting state heading into Inquisition.

While choices made in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 are meant to carry over to Dragon Age: Inquisition, it hasn't been clear just how they would transfer from current-generation systems to PS4 and Xbox One.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Executive Producer Mark Darrah noted in a BioWare blog that the online solution presented by Dragon Age Keep "allows players to take their unique world state into any platform (present or future) and even other media." Darrah added that by moving the system to the cloud, the opportunity to fix issues in the plot's logic has opened up. "Under the hood, the Keep has a logic validator which ensures you'll always have a valid world state free from errors and conflicts," he said.

With regards to importing directly from previous games to Dragon Age Keep, Darrah said the team is "continuing to investigate ways in which save files from previous games could be used to populate the initial world state of the Dragon Age Keep."

BioWare is now accepting applicants for Dragon Age Keep's beta program. The app will be available in 2014, months before the game launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
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