Microsoft's $100 Surface Pro price cut to stick around, accessory discounts incoming (update: worldwide)

In a move that should surprise few, that August price cut for Microsoft's Surface Pro -- which now starts at $799 for the 64GB version -- will remain in effect permanently. WPCentral has also revealed a $40 discount on Touch Covers, that now start at $79, and $50 off of the Surface RT tablet / touch cover bundle that starts at $399. The bundle pricing should kick in today although we're not seeing it live on the Microsoft Store yet. According to a statement from Microsoft (included after the break) this is based on customer's "exciting" response to the recent price drops. So, is this enough of a push for you to grab a slate (or two) right now, or would you rather wait for the sequel?

Update: While the original Surface Pro discount only applied in a few locales, we're hearing that the price in several European and Asian countries is also dropping. Word on price cuts for the accessories has varied from place to place, so depending on your location you may want to keep an eye out.


The customer response to recent Surface pricing and keyboard-cover promotions has been exciting to see, and we are proud to begin rollout of Surface Pro, Touch Cover and Surface RT bundles at even more affordable prices starting August 29. People who buy Surface love Surface, and we're eager for more people to get their hands on this incredible device.