Path adds new privacy features, premium subscriptions

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Michael Grothaus
September 5th, 2013
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Popular mobile-only social networking site Path updated its iOS app to version 3.2 today with several new features, including Premium Subscriptions. For US$4.99 every three months (or $14.99 every 12 months), premium subscribers get instant and unlimited access to all filters and stickers, plus early access to items in the Path shop. Those stickers and shop items will still be made available to non-subscribers, but they'll have to wait longer for them.

Two other new features affect user privacy settings. Private Sharing lets users set granular privacy controls per post, much like Facebook allows you to exclude certain people from seeing certain posts. However, Path's Private Sharing works by being private to everyone by default; the user must identify who's allowed to see each post. You can also review who has seen a post, as friends who have not yet viewed it will have their icons grayed out below the post until they do.

The other new privacy feature is called Inner Circle. Inner Circle is essentially groups for Private Sharing. Instead of having to select people manually each time, users can simply add their closest friends to their Inner Circle, then tap the star button with each post to ensure that only those in their Inner Circle can see it.

Path 3.2 is a free download.

[via Engadget]

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