​Zeus copy machine hits Kickstarter with all-in-one 3D printer, scanner and fax

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For all the wonders we've seen 3D printers extrude, traditional copy machines still have something to lord over products like the MakerBot Replicator: convenience. Users hoping to duplicate real world objects need multiple devices and specialized software expertise to scan in items, tweak their parameters and print up a copy -- and sharing objects remotely isn't much easier. That's where AIO Robotics comes in. The company's Zeus 3D copy machine promises to scan, print fax and copy 3D objects with a touch of a button.

The all-in-one device was announced late last month, but just launched on Kickstarter today, pricing the complete kit at $2,500 for US backers. The setup is designed to make 3D printing, scanning and sharing easy, automatically calibrating the scanning elements with the printing elements and allowing all functions to be easily performed from a single touch sensitive control panel. The device is supposed to be so easy to use, a child could use it -- and sure enough, the project's demo video contains an adorable clip of a child faxing is Play-Doh creations to his Dad. We're still a long way off from picking up user friendly replicators at Office Depot, but Zeus could be a step in the right direction. Check out the Kickstarter page for yourself at the attached source link.

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