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Zivix PUC gets MIDI instruments talking wirelessly to iOS and PCs (video)

Zivix PUC gets MIDI instruments talking wirelessly to iOS and PCs (video)
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|September 9, 2013 9:00 AM

Zivix promised wireless freedom to iOS-loving guitarists when it unveiled the JamStik; today, it's extending that liberty to a much wider range of musicians. Its just-announced PUC peripheral connects most any MIDI instrument to iOS devices, Macs and Windows PCs through a direct WiFi link. The device works with many CoreMIDI-capable apps, and it takes power through either a micro-USB source or a pair of AA batteries. Zivix plans to sell the PUC for $129 in December, although you'll get a price break if you reserve early -- the company is running a crowdfunding campaign that lets early adopters pay between $69 to $99 for a regular model.

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Disrupt 2013: Zivix Debuts The PUC, the Only Wifi MIDI Solution for iPads

Makers of Acclaimed JamStik™ Unveil Wireless Instrument Device on Indiegogo

(Minneapolis – September 9, 2012) – Today at Disrupt, Zivix, creators of the acclaimed and soon to be released JamStik™, announce the launch of the company's proprietary technology, the PUC. The PUC offers the unique ability for MIDI based digital instruments to be wirelessly connected to an iPad and other compatible Apple devices. It is now live on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform that helps creative projects come to life.

Users can attach the PUC to a synthesizer, sampler, drum machine or sequencer to name a few. The device makes the process of connecting these devices to an iPad simple, convenient and accessible to 100's of great MIDI based music apps. The PUC simplifies connections by eliminating unnecessary wires and specialty boxes.

"We're excited to introduce a peripheral that connects legacy MIDI gear to present day mobile technology, providing accessibility to the exploding number of MIDI apps," said Zivix Vice President, Chad Koehler. "Whether you're a professional musician, or one of the millions that have a keyboard at home, nobody wants the hassle of wires. The PUC simply and elegantly solves MIDI connection dysfunction."

· Wireless CoreMIDI interface connects any MIDI's hardware device to CoreMIDI-compatible apps like GarageBand®, Animoog®, NAVE® and hundreds of others


· Wirelessly connects to iOS devices, connecting your controller using a 5-pin DIN cable

· Pocket-sized rugged design allows for easy portability

· Micro USB port can power the PUC while in use, or two AA batteries can power PUC

· 1 MIDI port: software switchable IN/OUT

The Indiegogo campaign will be used to bring every musician's new favorite wireless solution to the masses by funding production tooling and to purchase materials in quantities that will help keep costs down. Backing for the PUC will be available at several different reward levels:

Perks for Funders

· Initial backers of the PUC will receive the Disrupt Special, which includes an unlimited three-day offer for only $69.

· Early bird special price of $79.

· Early adopter price of $89.

· 1000 backers will receive 20% off the purchase of their PUC.

· Backers who pledge $129 will have the option to choose a special edition color.

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Zivix PUC gets MIDI instruments talking wirelessly to iOS and PCs (video)