PS Vita TV can 'technically' support PS3 games through the cloud, according to SCE CEO

We know that the PS Vita TV will play PSP, PSOne and Vita titles, and will even (eventually) be able to stream PS4 titles once both devices are on sale. But how about PS3? Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, explained in a round-table interview that the tiny streaming set is "technically" capable of supporting PS3 titles through the same cloud-based streaming that will bring PS3 titles to its successor. It makes sense, (if it can stream fancier games from the PS4, titles from console iteration no.3 should be a cinch, right?) but it's the first time we've heard that Sony is considering it. We're hoping the feature eventually makes it, if only to make amends for the confusing backwards-compatibility saga that the PS3 previously suffered.