EverQuest's Call of the Forsaken lands October 8th

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EverQuest's Call of the Forsaken lands October 8th
EverQuest - Call of the Forsaken
Call of the Forsaken, the next expansion for the original EverQuest, has been humming along in beta since August 14th. While the original launch window of late September seems to have been a miss for SOE, EQ fans won't be waiting too much longer. According to today's update in the EQ forums, Call of the Forsaken is now set for an October 8th launch.

Call of the Forsaken brings new zones to explore, Heroic Adventures, and customization for Mercenaries. Folks who pre-order the expansion before October 7th will receive an exclusive piece of Mercenary armor along with a 32-slot bag, a Tirun house pet/familiar, and other special in-game goodies.

There's still a chance to get in on the beta; SOE is continuing to flag accounts daily.
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