Evernote expands with new product line: scanners, Post-Its, wallets and socks

Evernote has already ventured beyond apps with a Smart Notebook made by Moleskine, but the company's now kicked off a new initiative that'll see its logo appear on some decidedly more surprising products. As the company indicated previously, that includes hardware developed by a partner -- an Evernote-branded Fujitsu scanner and a stylus from Adonit, for starters -- but also a number of products that have little direct link to Evernote's core services. Those include a wallet, backpacks, a laptop case and, yes, socks -- all of which can be purchased through the Evernote's online store, which is said to also be coming to its various apps.

Another new partnership also announced today will see 3M produce a new line of Post-It notes that are designed to be captured with a smartphone's camera, not unlike the aforementioned Moleskine notebook; in this case, Evernote apps will organize Post-Its based on their color. You can browse all the current offerings available in the Evernote Market at the source link below, and count on seeing plenty more in the future. Speaking at the company's conference in San Francisco today, Evernote CEO Phil Libin spelled it out: "we're a fashion brand now."