Nokia says current high-end Lumias won't get Bluetooth 4.0 support (update: they may)

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We hope you don't want to use a heart rate monitor while running with your Lumia 1020 -- you'll likely be out of luck. Nokia Australia claims that Bluetooth 4.0 support won't be coming to existing high-end Lumias like the 820, 925 and 1020. There are "hardware limitations" that prevent an upgrade, the company explains. We've reached out to Nokia for clarification, but the company may have hinted at those limits when launching the Adidas miCoach app -- it mentioned that only the Lumia 520, 620 and 720 would work with Adidas' heart monitors. The restrictions will no doubt frustrate some owners, although we suspect that Nokia may improve its Bluetooth support with the next wave of Lumia hardware.

Update: Nokia Germany spokesman Ben Lampe says that Bluetooth 4.0 support will come to all Windows Phone 8-based Lumias through a post-Amber update. Clearly, there are conflicting responses; we're hoping to get a definitive answer soon.

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