Bosses in 5 seconds: Siege of Orgrimmar wing three

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Bosses in 5 seconds: Siege of Orgrimmar wing three
Wing three is upon us! It opened today on US servers, and will hit Europe tomorrow like a runaway dinosaur fixating on the Siberian tundra. We've already got the first wing done in our inimitable five second style, and the second one's up for your reading delectation as well. Now, though, it's starting to get serious with wing three. Actually, to be honest, this is a pretty easy wing. Wing four's going to be the clincher.

As always, remember, these aren't in-depth guides for your heroic raid. They're arming you with just enough knowledge to get your group through the LFR version of the fight, mostly intact.

  • Healers, in phase 1, your heals won't heal. Instead there will be colored blobs on the raid frames. Keep them green. They're absorb shields, that you're building by healing.
  • He'll do cone-shaped smashes that affect segments of the room. Don't stand in them. Also, after every three smashes, he'll re-explode the three areas he smashed. Don't stand in that.
  • Soak purple swirls
  • When he goes into Blood Rage, stack up. Run out with the debuff if your healers are struggling.
  • Everything hurts more as the fight progresses.

Spoils of Pandaria
This is the trickiest of the fights. It's against a timer, and basically you need to clear four rooms. You'll go off one side of the bridge, and once room one is done, a door will open, and when both sides have done room one, the time will increase.
  • Split the raid in half. Each team needs 1 tank, 3 healers, and half the DPS. One team will go to the right, one to the left.
  • Assign one person per team to open boxes
  • Burial Urns and Amber-Encased Kunchongs are priority as they summon adds
  • Do stand in Matter Scramble.
  • Don't stand in anything else.
  • Healers, try to heal through Torment, as dispelling spreads it.
  • if you don't have damage mitigation cooldowns and are Set To Blow, use Throw Bomb and put bombs away from the raid.
  • Use the hanging hooks to get out when you're done!

Thok the Bloodthirsty
This guy is pretty simple, but if you mess up it hurts.
  • Unless you're a tank, never be in front of him or behind him.
  • Stack up for phase one, to the side of Thok.
  • Tank-swap on Fearsome Roar, at 3-ish stacks.
  • Deafening Screech will interrupt you and lock you out for two seconds
  • When he goes into Blood Frenzy, spread out.
  • When he fixates on you, run away. Best is to run down the hall, then the next person run to the back of the room.
  • When he comes out of Blood Frenzy, tanks, he will be aggroed onto whoever his last fixate target was. Taunt.
  • Hero/lust on the pull, or after the third Blood Frenzy.

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