Dragon's Crown gets Vita, PS3 cross-play in Japan [Update: North America too!]

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Dragon's Crown gets Vita, PS3 cross-play in Japan [Update: North America too!]
Dragon's Crown gets Vita, PS3 crossplay in Japan
Japanese Vita and PS3 players can now buddy up in Dragon's Crown, after Vanillaware added cross-play between the two platforms. The update looks to be restricted to Japan at the mo, so we've reached out to Atlus to see if it's headed for North America.

Cross-play for Dragon's Crown also came to Europe ... except it didn't, really. Just after Atlus' announcement about Japan we received a letter of apology from NIS America, the company that brought the game to PAL regions earlier this month. We'll let the letter do the talking, as written by Marketing Manager Ryan Phillips.
"We wanted to let you know that there has been a printing error with the initial run of the PS Vita retail packaging for Dragon's Crown in the European/Australian regions. The back of the packaging indicates that the game supports Cross-platform Play with the PlayStation®3 console. However, this information is incorrect. The game supports cross-save functionality only. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this printing error may cause."
For the record, NIS America didn't have any news to share with us about European or Australian versions getting the cross-play update. We suspect Atlus' announcement came as something of a surprise.

Update: Atlus has confirmed that the update will come to North America as well, clarifying that cross-play compatibility is being added for both cooperative and competitive modes. The publisher said it is "releasing the patch very soon, it's in our offices for testing."

Update 2: Sure enough, NIS America get back in touch to let us know the cross-play patch is coming to Europe "in the upcoming months."
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