Turtle Beach gets new SVP, CFO

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Turtle Beach gets new SVP, CFO
Turtle Beach gets new CFO, SVP, ABCDEFG
Headset manufacturer Turtle Beach appointed John Hanson to the role of chief financial officer and Robert Andrison to senior vice president this week. The company described the new hires as a "strategic investment in the company ahead of projected growth in gaming headsets as the industry adopts next-generation consoles."

The change in management follows the August announcement that Turtle Beach will merge with the audio-oriented Parametric Sound before the end of 2013. The joined company will operate as Parametric Sound Corporation, but Turtle Beach products will retain their established brand name.

Hanson will leave his role at Dialogic, Inc., a company focused on network communications. Andrison will join from Hewlett Packard, where he oversaw the HP Inkjet and Printing Solutions division. Hopefully Andrison's expertise will lead to headsets with tiny printers built right in, so we can print the poetic monologues our online opponents will undoubtedly weave for us during heated matches.
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