Tokyoflash turns hexagonal fan concept watch into $109 reality (video)

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Steve Dent
October 15th, 2013
Tokyoflash turns hexagonal fan concept watch into $109 reality (video)

Remember that time you submitted a script to Babylon 5 and it was accepted for a show? Yeah, didn't happen to us either, but apparently Tokyoflash has a much more open mind with its fans. It just launched the Kisai Quasar, a hexagonal-themed watch that was originally submitted by Tokyoflash buff László Scheffer. The geometry is echoed in the watch face to create yet another signature Kisai design with a nerd-only time display. Thankfully there's also a simplified mode that shows, well, numbers. You can grab it in silver or black (with a blue, red, green or mirrored display) for the next two days at $109, after which it'll run $149 -- just watch where you point the thing.

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