Player loots over $30K from a single kill on Planet Calypso

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|10.16.13

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Player loots over $30K from a single kill on Planet Calypso
Player loots over 30K from a single kills on Planet Calypso
Most players are pretty excited to get an epic weapon or piece of armor when fighting a massive world boss in other games, so just imagine the reaction if the loot chest overflowed with cold, hard cash. That's what happened to one player in Planet Calypso who walked away with $33,000 in cash for downing one of the toughest monsters in that game.

Player Alan Akram of Norway, better known as Alan Krom in game, was on a quest to take down something big when he came across a Mulmun Looter Elite; with support healing from Karine Rikane, he was able to best the boss. Of his good fortune, Akram said, "I am stunned as I never expected a jackpot this massive and will definitely be playing this game for a long time."

Want a jackpot of your own? Jump in and give it a go -- the windfalls of others do not impact players' chances of winning.

[Source: Entropia Universe press release]
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