PSA: Muramasa Rebirth invades Europe

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PSA: Muramasa Rebirth invades Europe
PSA Muramasa Rebirth invades Europe
Following a March release in Japan and a June release in North America, Aksys Games has announced that Muramasa Rebirth is now available to European Vita owners via PlayStation Network download.

As its name suggests, Muramasa Rebirth is an enhanced re-release of 2009's Wii-exclusive Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The original game was widely praised - JC awarded it a 5/5 score and described the game alternately as "beautiful" and a "great action game" - but the Vita remake adds a host of new features including improved graphics and customizable controls designed with Sony's handheld in mind.

Aksys has also used this release to remind players to keep an eye out for four upcoming DLC packs for Muramasa Rebirth, though the publisher offers no word on when they might appear. On arrival, these additions should expand the game by a sizable margin as each pack will introduce a new playable character as well as new areas to explore.
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October 16, 2013 Torrance, CA - Aksys Games announces that Muramasa Rebirth, the critically acclaimed hit in both the U.S. and Japan is now available in Europe via PlayStation®Network! Download this action-packed RPG that takes you on an epic journey through ancient Japan as you battle and search for the fabled demon blades! Featuring two storylines and enhanced gaming functionality, Muramasa Rebirth brings beautiful graphics and amazing gameplay to your PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system!

Be sure to check for more information!

Muramasa Rebirth Key Features

Journey east as the fugitive ninja Kisuke, searching for the legendary demon blades. Or travel west as Momohime, a princess possessed by a vengeful spirit, as you hunt for the same weapons. With 108 powerful blades, each with their own special attack, fend off enemies big and small in this exciting action-RPG specially redesigned for the PlayStation®Vita system!

High Res Graphics – IGN called it, "hand's down PlayStation Vita's prettiest game." The stunning 2D artwork comes to life in OLED-ready graphics. See the vibrant colors and detailed art as they should be seen on the PlayStation®Vita system!

Coming Soon! Available Downloadable Scenarios – Four additional characters and scenarios will be available to download, each featuring a new story line, new characters, and new enemies! Stay tuned for more on that!

Two Modes of Play – Whether you enjoy hack/slash type play or prefer to use your character's special abilities in a controlled manner, Muramasa Rebirth offers two modes of play to satisfy every player's needs!

Remap Buttons – Don't like the default setup? Customize your buttons to make the gameplay truly yours!

Visit the website at or "Like" the official Muramasa Rebirth Facebook Page for the most up-to-date information!
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