Blizzard wins its case to shut down World of Warcraft bots

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.18.13

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Blizzard wins its case to shut down World of Warcraft bots
Yes, we know, you're too cool to play WoW anyway, we're all very impressed.  Have a lollipop.
Bad news, everyone. It increasingly looks as if you're going to have to actually play World of Warcraft instead of just letting a program do all the work while reaping the benefits. After a two-year legal battle, Blizzard has emerged victorious in its case against Ceiling Fan Software, responsible for two of the most popular WoW botting applications. The company is facing a $7 million judgment and has been ordered to fully cease operations.

Ceiling Fan Software issued a statement saying that the company lost its fight to allow people to play World of Warcraft as they chose (although the method of playing in question, it should be noted, involved no actual play of the game). This is the second such time that Blizzard has targeted people creating software directly contrary to the game's basic user agreements and also the second victory the company has acquired in that same arena.
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