Club Nintendo adds a rainbow of 3DS XL charging cradles

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Club Nintendo adds a rainbow of 3DS XL charging cradles
Colorful 3DS XL charging cradles arrive Oct 31, only on Club Nintendo
Those bored of staid black will find the selection of charging cradles for the 3DS XL handheld greatly expanded come Halloween, though none of these new colors will be available to you if you aren't a Club Nintendo member.

Like the original, black cradle, this new line of more colorful cradles makes charging the 3DS XL slightly more convenient. Instead of having to plug a small cord into your handheld, the cradle allows players to charge their device by simply dropping the machine in place. The only new addition found in these new cradles is their appearance; new models are available in blue, yellow, red, green and white.

Those of you who are already Club Nintendo members will be able to order the newly-colorful cradles for 500 points once they go on sale on October 31. If you aren't a Club Nintendo member, the process of signing up is quick and fairly painless, but keep in mind that those points are based on how many games you have purchased and redeemed through Club Nintendo. If you're only signing up to grab a new cradle, you'll need to buy at least six games to earn the necessary points.
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