Announcing Engadget's #ScaryGadget Costume Contest!

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Announcing Engadget's #ScaryGadget Costume Contest!

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means from offices to classrooms, to banks and the streets of your hometown, people will be donning all sorts of costumes. Sure, you could be like everyone on the block and dress like Miley Cyrus, or try to score discount burritos at Chipotle, but why not go for something even more creative?

Here's our challenge for you, our creative and engaged readers. If you're dressing up as a gadget, app, or really anything that is a nod to technology, we want you to snap a picture and tweet it out or pop it on Instagram while mentioning us (@engadget) along with the hashtag #ScaryGadget. Maybe you'll dress up like the Snapchat ghost (before his face was officially removed), or as one of your favorite characters from Orange Is The New Black. Or maybe Microsoft's Panos Panay, complete with headset and Surface 2? Whatever route you choose, we'd like to see.

We'll pick the best and over the next day will pop those onto our Instagram (yes, we have one of those now) and write up our favorites later in the week. The prize? Fame and notoriety as one of the most creative costume geniuses of our times.

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Update: It's no surprise that we have some really creative readers. Check out a few of the submissions that rolled in over the past couple of days.

Winner: Andy loves the iPhone 5s so much that he had it enlarged to the point that he could wear it. We'd be a little concerned if it vibrated, as it might throw him to the floor, but at least he wouldn't miss a text.

Runner-Up: Remember that famous Oreo Super Bowl tweet? It's the perfect costume for Jeremy, a social media specialist himself.

Honorable Mention: Our own Sean Cooper has Minecraft Steve as his son! We're sure the real Mini Cooper isn't actually pixelated.

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Announcing Engadget's #ScaryGadget Costume Contest!