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MTV Artists iPhone app wants to help you discover new music, provide a deeper connection with musicians

Edgar Alvarez, @abcdedgar
October 31, 2013

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The number of media discovery apps keeps getting bigger by the day, and the latest to join the frenzy is MTV. Simply dubbed MTV Artists, the newly announced iPhone application is loaded with a vast amount of music-focused features, including detailed artists pages and the ability to search for tracks by simply typing in lyrics. What's more, MTV also suited the app with Sound ID, a Shazam-esque function which can quickly identify songs -- this is particularly useful when you're trying to find out who sings a tune that you may be hearing for the first time. MTV tells us that Artists is more than just another music discovery app, noting that the idea is to connect users with artists by way of in-depth profiles, which contain things such as image galleries, videos and tour dates. MTV Artists will only be available for iOS (iPhone-optimized) at launch, but the network did say that an Android version is in the works and set to come "sometime in 2014."

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Daniel Orren contributed to this report.

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The New Music App Serves as the Starting Point for Seamless Artist and Music Discovery, Access to More Than A Million Artist Profiles and

Exclusive Content Direct from Artists and MTV

New York, October 31, 2013 – Today marks the debut of MTV Artists, a new app,

exclusively for iPhone, that simplifies the process of discovering and connecting

with artists. Brought to you by the original connector of artists and fans, MTV, the

app provides three primary functions to serve the music fan. First, as the starting

point for fans to discover new music and artists drafting off the way fans already

experience music today (through sound ID, lyrics and search), next, as a hub to

learn and establish a connection with artists and finally as a daily destination for

exclusive content and access directly from artists and MTV. MTV Artists is the

mobile extension to that powers MTV/CMT/VH1's 100 million

homes on-air. Pepsi will serve as the premiere launch partner.


For music fans, the app will serve as the definitive music companion experience

to quickly identify an artist or song and then provide a deeper dive into the artist,

including a 90-second scan of the artist's top songs. The app features three entry

points for discovery:

• Song Identification: Whether at a party, club or even watching music

videos at home on the couch, the app will quickly identify millions of songs

spanning all decades and genres.

• Lyrics Search: Can't get that song hook out of your head, but can't seem

to track down the song title? By simply typing in a few lyrics, fans will not

only learn the name of the elusive song, but also get the inside track on

the artist.

• Artist Search: Feeling out of the loop when your friends are talking about

new artists like Lorde, Haim and The Ceremonies, or artists with a long,

varied history like Pearl Jam or TLC? One quick click and not only will you

be in the know on that artist, but also be able to provide recommendations

on similar artists.


Whether you've just discovered a new artist and are looking for more info about

them, or you're a superfan looking to watch an interview with MTV News, MTV

Artists has you covered. Building upon the success of, the MTV

Artists app contains more than 1 million artist pages, many of which feature

content direct from artists. Fans will have access to MTV's deep catalog of audio

and exclusive video content spanning Miley all the way back to Duran Duran. At

launch the app, will feature:

• Artist Info At-a-Glance: In a less-than-a-minute, you can read an artist's

bio, learn where they hail from, their genre of music, and the year they

started, or even get a list of similar artists.

• Retro Archive Footage: Want to relive Madonna's proclamations of world

dominance, see TLC discuss the story behind their smash single "Creep,"

or hear Kurt Cobain's assertion that he's not a rock star? MTV Artists is

packed with exclusive interviews and news reports that are not available

anywhere else.


Unlike other music sites and app, MTV Artists has turned the keys over to the

artists to populate and control their own pages so they can communicate as

frequently and in whatever which way they want with their fans. Here's what you

can expect:

• Exclusive Content from Your Favorite Artists and MTV: From

backstage video messages from artists like A$AP Rocky, personal

introductions from artists like Demi Lovato, first listens for new soon-
to-be-released albums from artists like Kopecky Family Band, to live

performances by artists like Jack Johnson, the MTV Artists App will keep

fans and artists connected. Each day, the app will add new content from a

plethora of artists.

• Seamlessly Follow Artists Social Pages From One Place: Getting

dizzy from jumping back and forth between Facebook and Twitter and

still feel like you're missing out on updates from your favorite artist? MTV

Artists streamlines artist's social feed into one place to keep you in the

loop and not out in the cold.

• Access to buy songs and tickets: Like what you hear? The MTV Artists

app easily allows you to buy albums, singles and concert tickets.

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