Google finally tightens access to saved passwords in Chrome

Updated ·1 min read

Having come under fire over its relaxed attitude towards saved passwords in Chrome earlier in the year, Google is finally looking to do something about it. In a post to his Google+ page, Chrome tinkerer François Beaufort notes that the company will now ask users to authenticate themselves using a system password before they can access saved credentials inside Chrome. Previously, users could access the list of saved passwords by pointing the browser at "chrome://settings/passwords," offering easy access should their computer be left unattended. As it stands, the feature appears limited to the latest Chromium build for Mac, mimicking the behavior of Apple's own web browser: Safari. While there's no word on whether Google intends to implement the feature inside Chrome for Windows, its inclusion on the Mac suggests it could be present inside a public release in the near future.

[Image Credit: Francois Beaufort, Google+]