Nokia's Lumia 1520 comes to AT&T on November 15th, priced at $199

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You like your Windows Phones big, right? If so, you'd best put in your preorder for the Lumia 1520, because Nokia's six-inch smartphone will arrive on AT&T's frequencies in just a few weeks. According to Microsoft's own store listing, it'll also come priced at $199, and you'll be able to choose between black, white, yellow or red color options to flank the 1080p display (a first for WP8). Nokia's gone for the middle PureView specification, with a 20MP sensor capable of lossless digital zoom alongside all those requisite imaging software bells and whistles. This time around, however, there's expandable storage alongside the 16GBs of built-in space, meaning plenty of room for photography purists to save shots in RAW format. The rest of us can simply fill those extra gigs by shooting even more photos and video.

Update: Looks like Microsoft jumped the gun. According to Computer World, the company said that it published the product page prematurely, but promises to honor any early pre-orders prompted by the flub.

[Thanks, Suraj]

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