Community puzzles out first Wildstar vehicle: Hoverboards

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|11.08.13

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Community puzzles out first Wildstar vehicle  Hoverboards
MMO fans are always eager for more news about their favorite games, and Carbine Studios obliged with a new WildStar DevSpeak video this week focusing on the Warrior. But there was more to this video than just a class highlight; embedded in the clip were clues to even more news. However, to get this tidbit of hidden news, players would have to work for it.

The community jumped on the task and soon puzzled out the solution, leading them to the discovery of a new mount: the hoverboard. Check out the visual reward for the community's investigative labors in the video below -- unless you want to figure it all out for yourself!

[Thanks to Exes for the tip!]

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