These £999 stereo speaker horns will go nicely with your gold HTC One

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These £999 stereo speaker horns will go nicely with your gold HTC One

We've come across all kinds of electronics-free acoustic amplifiers in the iPhone accessories market, but stereo horns for a non-Apple device? That's a double-first for us. For the debut act of HTC's "Here's To Creativity" campaign to support young artists in the UK, the phone maker commissioned designer Justin Wolter to come up with an HTC One edition of his mono Gramohorn, which was originally made for -- you guessed it -- the iPhone.

The result is the Gramohorn II, a large 3D-printed stereo speaker dock that loudens the One's BoomSound front speakers by 50 percent, as well as adding some bass to the music. Oh, and it can be hand-painted in any color you desire. The damage? A hefty £999 (about $1,610) which is also, by the way, just £580 shy of the price of a 24-carat gold HTC One. But if you're feeling generous and aren't fond of the plaster resin build, there's also a milled stainless steel limited edition going for £4999 or about $8,030. Here's to crazy!

Update: We've just been told that the cradle is interchangeable, so you can also fit a One Mini or a One Max.

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