Nissan's BladeGlider: an electric sportscar fit for a superhero

It's the Batmobile, it's a Star Wars Starfighter, no it's actually Nissan's BladeGlider. This is the Japanese company's futuristic electric sportscar design that's built with speed in mind. It has a carbon fiber-covered body that's shaped like a rocket with a narrow nose and a wider rear. Beyond its Lambo-like doors is a sci-fi-worthy steering wheel placed smack dab in the middle where the driver seat is -- the two passengers that can fit in the vehicle will have to make peace with being backseat drivers. The automaker's keeping mum on the finer details (don't hold your breath for an anti drunk-driving tech, though), but it says the rear tires will be fitted with in-wheel electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. Company officials also say that due to the car's design and reduced weight, it consumes less energy than its popular Leaf EV.

While this looks very much like just another fancy concept, Nissan claims the car is much more than that, even calling it an "exploratory prototype" that it wishes to bring to production. It'll likely take some time before you can cruise the streets in the BladeGlider, but those in Japan can catch a glimpse of it at the Tokyo Motor Show in late November.