Fight your way into War Thunder's ground forces beta

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.14.13

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Fight your way into War Thunder's ground forces beta
War Thunder - P36
War Thunder's devs have come up with a novel way for interested gamers to get in on the game's upcoming ground forces closed beta test. Starting today, Gaijin is hosting special in-game daily missions, the completion of which could lead to a spot in the beta.

There are no guarantees, unfortunately, but Gaijin's announcement says that "the more you complete the higher your chances are." Today's mission involves destroying 60 ground units in War Thunder's arcade mode or 30 ground units in the title's historical battles mode or full real battles mode.

War Thunder currently features instanced World War II-era aerial combat. The dev team is in the process of adding ground and eventually naval combat as well. The ground forces closed beta is scheduled to start "before December 4th."
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