Game Music Bundle 6 offers tunes from Guacamelee, Braid and more

For two years, the Game Music Bundle series has served as a convenient alternative to leaving games running in the background to listen to music. Its sixth entry aims to do the very same with over 20 soundtracks, including Fez composer Disasterpeace's soundtrack for Famaze. The bundle also includes the first official digital release for Braid, along with soundtracks for Guacamelee, Kentucky Route Zero, The Stanley Parable, Mighty Switch Force and more.

A dollar will earn the soundtracks to Dust: An Elysian Tail, Braid, Rogue Legacy, Electronic Super Joy and Famaze, but contributing $10 will grant you all 24 albums involved in the bundle. Of course, if you'd rather give the composers more than a few cents, you can pay any amount above $10 that you feel is fair.