League of Angels announces beta events, releases trailer

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.02.13

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League of Angels announces beta events, releases trailer
You've heard of League of Angels, a new browser-based game that starts closed beta this Wednesday, but what's the story behind it? GTArcade answers that with a new trailer that takes viewers on a brief tour of the history of the angels, from their betrayal to their triumphant return. See it play out in the video below.

Additionally, the studio has announced a number of special events during the seven-day closed beta that players can participate in, each with prizes that will carry over even when all other player data is wiped. The various prizes include free VIP access for leveling, free diamonds for slaying select NPCs (as well as diamonds raining down from the sky twice a day!), and more items to level your angels with the more angels you collect. Specific events will also be held rewarding players for things such as bug hunting, guide writing, and helping other players.

[Source: GTArcade press release]

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