EU regulator warns Nokia against starting a new career as a patent troll

Nokia, by which we mean the parts of the Finnish phone maker that Microsoft hasn't absorbed into its mobile business, has been warned off using its leftover patents to become a troll. According to the AP, EU Commissioner VP Joaquin Almunia said he'd keep an eye on Nokia in case it attempted to "extract higher returns" from its well-stocked patent portfolio. While it has successfully negotiated patent deals in the past and has licensed its intellectual property to Microsoft as part of the takeover, the Commission is likely focusing on Nokia's standard-essential mobile patents. Unlike the recent injunction on UK HTC One mini sales, Nokia could choose to get litigious with its FRAND patents instead of fairly licensing them, giving it an "illegal advantage" over its rivals. Although nothing suggests it intends to do so, both Samsung and Motorola have taken that approach in recent years and are now waiting to see if they'll pay the price.