World of Warplanes' first update brings planes and also planes

World of Warplanes

Pilots of World of Warplanes likely noticed that Update 1.1, the game's first content patch, is now live. Update 1.1 brings two battle maps, 14 planes, and new training missions. The new aircraft in update 1.1 include nine German Focke-Wulf warplanes and five tier V premium planes: the UK's Miles M. 20, Russia's Curtiss P-40 M-105, the US's Grumman XF4U-1, and the German Messerschmitt Me 209V. also noted that it has made improvements to mouse and joystick controls along with a few balance tweaks and other performance adjustments.

Players who log in to World of Warplanes between December 23rd, 2013, and January 16, 2013, will receive the exclusive Curtizz Model 68C Hawk III premium aircraft.

[Source: press release]