Keyboards and mice connect to and control next-gen game consoles with XIM4 adapter (video)

Perhaps you're a long-time PC gamer, but the massive marketing campaigns waged by Microsoft and Sony have had the desired effect, and you've taken the next-gen plunge. But in doing so, must you exchange your mad mouse and keyboard skills for the clumsy controls offered by DualShock and Xbox controllers? Nay! For a new XIM adapter is here to hook your PC peripherals to your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, providing you the precision PC control you're accustomed to -- and allow you to use your existing Bluetooth or USB headsets to work with those consoles too.

This newest XIM currently works with Xbox One, and you can see a video of a prototype device being used to play on Call of Duty: Ghosts after the break. Aside from bringing next-gen compatibility, XIM4 also has a companion app that lets you configure your controls wirelessly with your Android device running 2.3.3 and up -- as opposed to the old adapters that required you to wire them up to a PC to do so. You see, for XIM's tech to work, users must download a different profile for every game, as each title has its own control quirks -- but as new games come out, the app prompts users automatically to download the latest profiles. The XIM4 won't be released until next year, but a beta will be opening up soon to folks who own a XIM Edge (the previous-gen XIM that works with Xbox 360 and PS3), and work is ongoing to get it functioning with Sony's DualShock 4. Stay tuned.

[Thanks, Nicolas]