Netflix intros cheaper standard definition streaming plan for new subscribers

If you consider yourself both extremely frugal and averse to the luxuries of seeing Hollywood eye candy actors in Super HD, Netflix's new SD tier could be right up your alley. The streaming service has begun offering a low-end plan for new subscribers only that'll allow standard definition streaming to one device -- that's right, no simultaneous viewing -- for $6.99 per month. We can confirm the plan is indeed now live as it appeared when we attempted to sign up for new service though, as TechCrunch reports, that may not be the case for everyone.

Take note, this recent plan addition is only $1 cheaper than the basic HD tier that lets users stream to two devices at once, making the SD plan's cost benefit a bit dubious. So, if you're really counting your pennies and haven't bothered to upgrade to an HD-capable TV or tablet or phone (which makes us wonder if you even have broadband), then by all means, have at this promo. You're also probably not into account sharing anyway. And really, that's what that extra $1/mo is for, right? Right.