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The Queue: That is one happy buffalo

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) thinks buffaloes are pretty awesome, actually.

Buffaloes are pretty cool animals, you know.

g8rcody asked:

my name is Buffalo, and tomorrow is my birthday! Can we have a buffalo themed queue tomorrow? I've been waiting a whole year!

Aw, you're awfully patient, Buffalo, and I'm nicer than Adam. While I cannot give you a fully buffalo-themed Queue, I will post the above video of a hungry buffalo prancing around, because you'd be surprised how graceful those great giant hairy buggers can actually be. Happy birthday!

ash.w.miller asked:

With BlizzCon 2013 coming up, what's your best guess as to the biggest news of the next expansion:

A) Two new races (or one that can choose either faction)
B) A new Hero Class
C) Both
D) Neither
E) A new planet

Let's assume new zones are a given...

That's a very good question. I don't know about introducing new races -- honestly, there are so many available right now to choose from that it almost seems like adding a new one would be over-cluttering the menu. However, people do like to see new races, so who knows? The same goes for classes -- it's difficult to balance around a new class.

I'm hoping for a new planet. I'm also thinking that if Blizzard really, really wants to shake things up ... well, maybe trying to put in that third faction everyone's been murmuring about would be an interesting idea. Would it be a logistical nightmare? Oh, you bet it would. But would it be cool? I'm going to tentatively say yes, yes it would.

Eric_Says_Hi asked:

I just started raidig via LFR. I'm a little confused about using token for the bonus roll. First, why is the daily to trade in minor tokens for major ones only sometimes available? Second, should I be bonus-rolling on every boss? I would assume I should only bonus roll on a boss that drops soemthing I want, but so far the bonus roll has only given me an additional bag of 28 gold. Is that just bad luck?

It's actually not a daily -- it's a weekly. Once a week, you can get three tokens. You can use them, or you can save them, it's entirely up to you. As for using that bonus roll, you'd be best advised to use it on a boss that would potentially give you the biggest upgrade. Using the coin doesn't automatically guarantee you loot, it's just an extra roll. You still have the same chance at getting or failing to get loot as you did on the original roll.

vaitanis22 asked:

Why is Jaina so powerful? As far as I remember she was an apprentice mage when WC3 started, so she never finished her training in Dalaran, then she spends the next ten years or so leading armies, heading negotiations and running Theramore. So how did she get so much more powerful than NPCs who've spent decades or centuries studying magic and the player characters who've had to survive by their skill in the art against people like Illidan, Kil'jaeden, the Lich King and Deathwing? Is it just really obvious plot armour or is there a sensible reason in the lore for it?

Jaina wasn't just any apprentice, she was apprentice to Archmage Antonidas, leader of the Kirin Tor and one of the most powerful mages around at the time. Jaina was his best student, and acted as a personal agent for him when he couldn't travel himself. She had a lot of power even as an apprentice -- Antonidas wouldn't have taken her on as his personal apprentice otherwise.

joerendous asked:

Do you think there will be another revamp to the talent system for the next expansion? Or will Blizzard try something new?

I think the talent system is as close to what Blizzard really wants it to be as it can get. I don't think we'll see any more major overhauls, but we might see a few tweaks to existing talents and the addition of new ones.

JustinAdams asked:

QftQ: I don't like dailies. As such, I've not bothered with the Operation: Shieldwall reputation. Unfortunately, this also means that I don't get access to the 5-6 story quests I am actually interested in seeing. Or am I wrong about that?

That is correct. The story quests unlock as your reputation with Operation:Shieldwall progresses. However, there are only five dailies per day -- six if you kill an animal in a cage -- and they're all clustered together in one spot. They even offer you portals to the different daily hubs. It's really much, much easier to do than any of the daily quests prior, and the progress is a lot faster as well. I'd recommend checking it out.

@zthomp asked via Twitter:

What's the story behind the high elves in Dalaran who're for the Alliance? (Vareesa et al) Where can I read more abut them?

Those guys are the Silver Covenant. As high elves, they are formerly citizens of Quel'thelas and the surrounding areas. However, unlike their sin'dorei brethern, they did not turn to fel magic to appease their addiction to magic. And they aren't particularly happy that the sin'dorei did so, either -- which is part of the reason why they don't really care for the idea of the blood elves joining the Kirin Tor. The other half ... well, joining the Horde really didn't do much for the reputation of the sin'dorei. You can read more about the Silver Covenant over at Wowpedia -- they're an interesting little faction, particularly in patch 5.1.

@murmursofadruid asked via Twitter:

QftQ: Should I get MoP and return? Is it really worth it?

Yes Murmurs, because I miss my favorite boomchicken.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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