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$635,000 in bogus Lightning cables nabbed in Alaska


One of the functions of the US Customs and Border Protection agency is to seek out and seize counterfeited goods, and the Alaska Dispatch is reporting that the CBP nabbed more than US$635,000 in counterfeit Lightning cables and adapters during a search in Anchorage.

The cables and adapters had come from China on a cargo plane, destined for spots around the US. The products came in boxes with fake Apple logos and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) trademarks, but spokesman Frank Falcon of the CBP reported that they "stood out" as counterfeits, packaged in cardboard packs that were of sub-standard quality.

An unnamed Chinese manufacturing firm is responsible for the shipment, and Falcon noted that the seizure of the counterfeit goods will "bring more scrutiny" to future shipments from the company.

There are safety concerns with such counterfeits, as unauthorized use of the UL logo could mean that the cables were never evaluated for electrical shock and fire hazards. There's also no way to be sure that the cables will even work. All of the items seized by the CBP will be destroyed.

[via 9to5Mac]

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