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AKKA Ski Retriever detects where you lost your skiing gear with waterproof radio tags


AKKA wants you to find your snowsports gear, minus hours lost digging in the snow. Its Ski Retriever project, being pitched on Kickstarter, pairs a handheld 1-inch OLED display with multiple tags, with audio and visual feedback delivered as you get closer to your lost property and visible notification for both distance and direction. The tags can be connected into the base plate of your skis, through a cold-weather adhesive mount, or simply lashed to your equipment through lanyard loops. The creators have even have a list of wants they're hoping to add to the Ski Retriever if they get the necessary funding, including security geo-tagging, and certification to be used in search efforts after an avalanche. Kickstarter preorder customers will pick up a handset and two tags to start with -- the founders are hoping to raise $100,000.

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