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Breakfast Topic: Why is Illidan sitting on the roof?

Matthew Rossi

So I was farming my Warglaives this week (as I do every week) and I noticed a few things. The first was that monks can equip the glaives now, which I only noticed because the main hand finally dropped (it's been what, five years?) and the second was that Illidan sitting on the roof as he does serves no purpose. Why is he up there?

Of course part of this is the trope we've come to accept from raid design - the end boss doesn't come down and help smash us, it's just not done. Nefarian sat around and waited for us to show up in BWL and BWD, he even flew around waiting for us in the later raid. But with Illidan it's doubly maddening because the guy is up there kneeling on the roof staring at the Skull of Gul'dan, and I find myself wondering if that's all he bothers to do with his time. He's got an entire seraglio downstairs that he doesn't seem particularly interested in, for one thing.

So I ask you - which boss seems to be up to the most baffling or confusing antics? Is it XT, wandering around junk piles in Ulduar? Is it Lady Deathwhisper and her seminar of evil in ICC? Did you find Staghelm's refusal to pitch in and help Alysrazor when he was right there baffling? I'm still stuck on Illidan's moongazing, myself. Why is he up there?

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