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Belkin WeMo home automation to gain an iOS-controlled light switch


Belkin's iOS-compatible WeMo home automation system has been the subject of several posts here on TUAW including a full review. I've used the system with the IFTTT scripting service to do everything from cooling off myself and Ruby the Internet-famous cat to turning on the Christmas lights with Siri. Belkin announced in a support forum this weekend that it will introduce an iOS-controlled light switch later this year.

At the present time, WeMo consists of three units, all of which are controlled by the WeMo iOS app (free). There's a motion sensor if you want to set up something to happen when a human or pet walks by, and a lamp switch that plugs into an existing wall socket to control turning a lamp or other device on or off. Belkin also added a WeMo baby monitor to the family for listening to infants on iOS devices.

The new light switch seen at right breaks Belkin's self-imposed "no screwdriver rule" by requiring installation onto existing wiring, but opens up homes to automation via WiFi and iOS-enabled switches.

No pricing or availability date has been set for the new light switch, but here's hoping that the price will be close to the existing US$45 - $50 that Belkin currently charges for the lamp switch.

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