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CES 2013: Liquipel improves its water-repellent coating


At last year's Startup Debut I was quite impressed with Liquipel, a company who will add a nanocoating to your iPhone (inside and out), making it incredibly water repellent. This year Liquipel was back with version 2 of their product. There are actually a few companies who do this now, as the technology was not unique to Liquipel in 2012. This year it hopes to stay ahead of the competition (like HzO, which was at CES Unveiled) by offering a better coating that it claims is, as Engadget reports, "up to 100 times more effective."

The big downside to Liquipel in the past has been that you had to send your precious iDevice off to have it coated. In Hong Kong and a few other places you can actually go in and have your device coated as though you're at LensCrafters waiting on glasses. Liquipel said they would be making "Liquipods" available to retailers who wish to offer the service, but there are still few places to get it done stateside.

I'm just hoping more manufacturers adopt the tech to make our consumer electronics more impervious to the elements.

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