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HP launches Pocket Playlist WiFi drive at CES, we go hands-on


We just got to spend a few moments with HP's new Pocket Playlist, a tremendously small WiFi drive that can pump out media to up to five devices at once. Thanks to a PlayLater subscription, the drive can pull content from Hulu, store it up and push out content to your smartphones. Capable of pushing out video to three devices at once or audio to five, it's designed for those long car trips where one person wants to watch Dora while someone else watches Duck Dynasty. In person, its a startlingly thin and light piece of hardware, barely a few millimeters thick and only a little longer than an iPhone 5. Of course, like anything that's clad in black, piano gloss plastic, it takes barely a few moments before it's covered in fingerprint smears. The 32GB drive ships on February 15th and will set you back $130.

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Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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