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Apple rejects iOS game about Syrian civil war


Apple is like a security guard, wandering the halls of the App Store with a ban hammer that it uses liberally on apps that don't meet its strict guidelines. As reported by io9, the latest app to fall under its scrutiny is an iOS game from Auroch Digital called Endgame:Syria.

According to GameTheNews, Endgame:Syria is an interactive simulation based on the Syrian Civil War. Players take a role in the conflict and can change the outcome of the war based on the military strategy they choose.

The developers say Endgame:Syria is a "novel way to inform the public" about the conflict, but Apple disagreed and rejected the app because it "target[s] a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity."

Auroch Digital developer Tomas Rawlings released a statement that expresses his company's disappointment with Apple's decision.

"This decision is a shame really as it makes it hard to talk about the real world. We had hoped that Apple would be more nuanced in how they applied this rule but we got a bit worried when it had been in submission for around two weeks without a decision -- we then figured that because of the controversy of using the gaming medium to cover an ongoing war meant passing the game had become an issue for them."

According to io9, Auroch Digital is working to modify the game so it meets Apple's requirements. Auroch didn't detail the changes it would make, but it will likely focus more on the gameplay and less on the Syrian conflict.

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